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. >> teenager fight posted on you tube. the person in the crowd thht led tt child abuse charges. >> do you ssill love her? >> teacher aide guilty of see abbse. why he could go to jail even thoogh he never touched anyone. late season miniheat wave how many days in the 90's this -ú>> policc department unning around pulling stuff out of úgrbage cans. >> on trral for the murder of former city councilman. key piece of evideece now being piece of evideece now being challenged by the >> hello i'm jeff barns. >> i'm karen parkk. key piece of evidence presented in a councilman harris.. dnaaexpert took the stand in the triil of 3 men charged wiih the -úkilling.
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>> john joins us nnw with more on what jurors are being told úbout he evidence tooiggt. john? >>reporttr: because there úou are did na evidence ise m ccosidered cruccal in the murder police recovered plenty3 of eviience including a purse from a woman wwo was robbed thht night. the purse úncludes latex gloves, dna from one of the suspects. pposecutors say the halloween mask recovered earby also includes dna from another suspect. charles and gary and william are all chargeddwith first degree murder. buu tte attooneys are questioning how the dna evidence was collected and annualized. 11, 14 items put in this one purse. sattthhre for three the itemssttat came backician% pooitive for orrdiffeeent one and came baak positive on
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this??% >>reporter: testimony expected to resume on monday we may learn more on whose dna is on the halloween mask and other items connected to the murder. this is fox 45 nees at 5:30..%%-ú>> okay john. teae in howard county is found guilty of sex abuss after writing love notes to an% >> karl walker silenn as e left a courtroom tday. his case sees a ppecedent for child sex crimes. since found guilty without physically elementary school. in thea letters he proclaiied his love for the third grader. >> well there's this ccnstaat reference toohugginggand vegas and she's asleep in his arms. it was just overwhellin , overwhelming, i thought. >>reporter: karrlwalker will be seettnceddin january. on to our queetionnof the
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go to our web site and tell us what you think. facebook r tweet t fox baltimoree text yourrannwer to 45 2 03. enter úox 5 a.for yes and bbfor no..% and respoose may air tonight onn ox 4 news at 10. >> defrocked priest will spend 18 months in home detention for exually abbse ago boy back in 199sfichlt 74-yeer-old thomas of cascade as convicted after entering an alford plea to one county of abuse. heedidn't admit guiltt6 but cknowledges there is him. ii august theconvict archdiocese removeddhimmfrom the church in aint patrick. >> woman recovering from gunshot wound after 4 men break into herrhouse and open ffre. happenee shortll after innide his home. once inthey attacked anntter man and then -úshot a woman. if you have any
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information whatsoever you are asked to call mmerorcas% ccime stoppers at this number. him if..% >> a lot more questions tonighh about hoowa city facelift. how did no one seem jeff?%--ú>>reporter: well ii ls mmre like designer showroom% than city officee wwth you how did the purchase offthis 28,000 dollar remodelinggjob fly under the radar of city leaders? remodelled ast summer when former public workk director david scott occupied that office. buu beeaase most every item purchased for the office cost llss than 5000 approval from the ciiy board of estimate. so city leaders believed the former director purchased each inniviiual office item with fundssfrom %--úraise ago lot of questiios. >> i understand fiscally how
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it could have happened without scrutiny. approximately a liitle bit here a llttle bit there. i jjsttdon't understand the judgment p.that kinddof moneyyfor that kind of thing. in the middle of a recession when your own ageecy picks squeezed. >> david scott who serred in the captain under formerr% sheila dixon resigned early this year. waste watch. if you see government waste call our hotline at this number on he ssreen. also go to our web site and cllck on waste watch. a 3 vehicle accident involving a schhol bus ends wwth a serious iijury. the bus waa heading to meadow veil suv wws hospitalized with an serious injuries. viewer
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ssptember us these photos from the scene and you can see some of the children were putt n to stretchers then takee to nearby hospitall the otherr% childreenweee released o their parents riiht there at the scene. now when it comes to ews occurring in your neighborhood yoo can see it shoot it send ii. uppload photo video to our web site. just click on thh see it shhoo it send it icon. also send photoodirectly from theecell phone if yoo wish to pick at fox tonight?are hh roads looking we havee he traffic edge >>reporrerr: hi karen. tonight we do have quite bit of congestion east baltimore -úover here at eeison highway at east north avenue. use caution when ttaveling in those areaa. traavling on the west side of thh belt way tonight youudo want to brace waa to falls road and livee%
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look at liberty road you see things are actually moving along much better there at this point. maybe some gooo news out there. travel on he tthngs moving pretty slow from charles street to harper road but as you make your way toharpa yyu.nite imprrvement there >>. term comes froo the word fanatii. >> nowhere else is that more clear than in the halls of sooe purple blooded ravvns fans. look aa this in dundaag.. ravens room has 5000 dolllrs worth offrrmodeling it and including aahuge úv, special shelviig and even a ravens cciling fan witt burp >> yes. i had the ool table and i said what are you
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talkinggabout we have a 53 inch tv in the other room. you areetalking about viewing room for football game? she says yes. 65 inch. i said okky. >> that's a llt of power sn't it. and the fun doeen't stop outside. nextttooblow p ffotball ppayer is a ravens chopper nd hummer with ravens -úyou if in thh back light up. % -úthe coople says they will never be done collecting and >> that'' a ravens fan there. why stop at a houue when you can include in the lawn. painned his lawn of course with ravens logoo >> never too young to start rooting for the avens. melanie sent uss his photo. her 2-year-old, 1-year-old and 4 month old are all ready for slash purple pride. ll the viewer photo nd up loaddooe of yyur own if you wwsh.
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>> tto late in the year tt be talking about temperatures in tte 90's onsistently any way. >> many bbu we have nother hot day. emmly race will let us know if we set a record. >> mothee cheering hee own daughter on in a fight. what mommy said to investiggttrs when they charged her wwth child abuse. >> how baltimore policc aae hoping that by helping kiis -úand reaching
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old bbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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>> buildiig a better district across baltimore. % melinda live in norttwest balttmore with more on how resident fight back. melinda? >> well they are fighting back by working outt today the a try. thhs is the same center facility thaa tthning recruit use, same test they must pass bbfooe they can graddate. a lot of climbing. of mmny activities happeninge today. they are also going o
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be hosting an opee house laaer they took some neighhors along on patrol tooshow them firsthand wwat it is like to streets. w also got to take aaride along as well and ccming up tonight at 10:00 o'clock we'll show you what it is like to be out there on patrol and again pollce arr effort will juut encouragg cctizens to help them combat crime and help them fight back their streets. biggest thing is simply coming forward and in northwest baltimorrtonight melinda, fox 45 news at 5:30. thanks me linda. we want -úto hear about your figgt against crime. tell us what yyu are oing to help clean up the streets. call this number on the scceen. resident at onn east úaltimmre apartment complex are very heated tonight afttr being stuck inside their
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branch apartment say they are forceddto go inside or ootside to get cooo air because% management urned off the ac eaalier this year. thhy say thh sweltering heat is not like this. you have elderly peopll in here. also babies. if get air on her. he's a new born. give us the same treatment you get at home. >>reporter: the resiient say on top of everything else they are alsoobeing yelled at by pollce for loitering. because they are outside. we tried -úcontacting management about this particulaa iisue. so far fulllddy of faal.. can you up day. yes. anothee day in tte 90's. emmly tells us how many days in the 90's thhss% year. i bet we broke a record. >> we d.we brrke a fewwreccrds this year. jeff and we are looking at the recoor we broke today and one of them being
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tte high pressure. hit 95 degrees this affernoon and we also are looking at the total number of days abooee90 deggees for this year. 58 we hit 58 oday wwen we got up to 95 degrees now take a look aa somm of the moments. april we don't of ee 99 degreee% teeperrture and saw 2 thiss6 c1 year. july another impressive month there. 20 degrees above 90 degrees so hot summer acrrss the board. 900degrees looks like come to an enddfor today but certainly was a hot one out there. 95 still right now in baltimore. 97 ii dc and 94 in hageestown. holding on to the heattforrtoniggh and for one more day we will stay above average but weell finally sttrt to lose the 00s head towaad the end of the weekend. radar showing conditions out theee and dry all day today and more in thh forecast aad even though a úold ffont is pushing through úhe area. we'll continne to see those dray ooditions ann that will be he case for tonight as that cold front does push through eerly tooorrow morning. we'll see a few clouds come through but the rain associated with it
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now wiil push through break up and not see any f those showers in our forecass. the 69 degree overnight tonight. mossly clear skies. there is raan in the exttnded forecast and we doohave a tropical storm to talk about all thee-de. hundreds oo school childree witness a plane rash at an air show in indonesian. the pilot was the only person on board the single engine mraechbility pilot was flyinn winn clipped the runwaa land. spinning the plane out of control. thh pilot did survvve but s ii critical condition. -ú>> florida mother is arresttd for egging her own daughter oo in a fight that was also ppsted on you tube. him f. thaa's the oice off% 39-year-oll appil newcomb. palmettoo fforrda. newcomb now charged toniiht with child abuss. if. >> basicallyyii ssock that parent can sit there and watch
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tm their ccild or any child affidavit states the mother admitted that what she did was wrong but she says the iiht was going tt happen one way or the other. different figgt in the state of nnvada. thii one over pplitics. supporters oven comeebent senator reid -úand republicannchalleeger engle got physical. candidate were wrapping up the comment she's almost 90 year
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that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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%ú >> it's a parrde of hollywood ú> patrice has he veteran who aae coming out with new film. ú>reporter:: 23 years aftee the oriiinal wall strret,!! -ústreet, michael dduggas rryou oliver stoneefor wall street monny never sleeps. former -úhot shot stoocbroker gordon gecko is released from prison and let back into his playground. ú> what is not to liie. easy selling crack to kids on a school playground. >>reporter: whileeattemmting to repair the relationssipp% with his daughter he alliance himself with new trader on he úise played by la pwuv.
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>> ome kind of energy freedom fighttr. >>reporter: it is rated pg-1 -. pg-13. more old grudge reunnted thii weekend wiih yoo agaii. kristen bell realizes her brother ii about to marry -úher old high school bully and sets out to sabotage the proceeding. talented lineeup of veteran comedian up stage the ounger cast. sigourney% white phhnomennn still going strong here. >> as long as they keep asking >> be sure nd prep hard,!! hard, dear. we need a tighh seal. i might be kissing later. >>reporter: you again is rated pg-13. p. >> the visionary behind 300 and watth men brings his
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newest ision toolegend of the guardian. >> i necessity righttnowwyou missouri family. >>reporrer: young barn owl taken rom his hooe anddmust emmark on dangerous life %úrateddp g.he guardian is in the virginity hit. the age friends help get their friend through the peeial right of around mills. that's the low doon. >>.
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>> welcome baak. i'm chrrs 10. the baltimore ravens top úraff ppck finalll rejoin his
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new tee. linebacker rece in úgreement with the ravvns this week thht allows him tt bb part of team meettngs. former opened he fraccured his skuul after falling down 2 lightt of tairs at a friend's home.. kendall says he waa ominggout of the bathroom intt a dark hallway and instead of turning riihtt o go into his beeroom he went straight into the stairwell. lthough he hasn't% úet, kendall just happy to rejoin his team mates. >> feels ood to be back, you know. verybody see my face once again nd good to be around hh team. finally gge to go tooa game or whaa not. úoot my guys on to aaother did some testing. i'm not sure hhw it wwrks because i'mm%o better with physical reaction mmre so than question reaction
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testing but if we were to do it ver again i'm pretty sure would i dd better. >>reporter: franklin visits wood lawn in footbbll foo high school gaae of the week and this week victim of making the grade is here. alllcoming up tonnght on sports unlimited. back to ou..6 c1 3 ú> thanks kristennsky we knoo today record breaking heaa. when do we see cool down. it is fall. >> yes. day 3 now i believee i don't know day 3 or whht% úaves me. >> second full ay. yesterdayy% was the first full day. certainly eels like summer but record bbeaaing summer. we reached 95 degrees this afternoon but ii is a veryy% nasty eveeing aover the inner harbor. sunny condiiions out there just still pretty warm úut there 94 degrees right now at partly cloudy skies with wind out of thh south south west at 6 miles n hour and our humidity at 34 percent. watching the tropic as well we have tropical storm matthew ouutthere. still a long ways 46 miies per hour moving tot 46 miies per hour moving tot theewest
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at 13 miles per hour riggt are gettin' weary ♪
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♪ my back is gettin' tight ♪ i'm sitting here in traffic ♪

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